Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Retrieve Your Photo Stream from Your iPhone, iPod and iPad for Free

Before you begin, please know the following:
... If the photos have been deleted from your iOS device AND Photo Stream thru iCloud, there is a good chance they can not be retrieved using this guide.
... This guide will only retrieve photos since Photo Stream does not back up videos.
... This is just a guide to show you how I personally retrieved my photos from my iPhone one time using Ubuntu instead of purchasing software.
...May or maynot work using iOS 8 since Photos and Photo Stream are now shared in the same folder.

Items needed for this task:
- Computer (Mac or PC) with at least 2 USB ports available;
- CD or DVD or Blu-Ray Disc Burner (installed in your computer, or by USB adapter);
- Blank CD or DVD (Blu-Ray disc is not necessary);
- Software to burn the .iso file (Windows... CDBurnerXP. Mac... Burn);
- iOS device cable;
- External device (thumb drive or external drive) to copy the photos to.

If you already have or are using Ubuntu, skip to Step 7.

1) On your current computer, download the latest .iso file of Ubuntu by going to http://www.ubuntu.com/download.
NOTE: Due to its size, it may take a while to download.

2) Burn the .iso file to a blank CD or DVD (Blu-Ray disc is not necessary) with any burning software you have already installed on your computer.

NOTE: You may need to print these instructions for the following steps.

3) Once it has finished burning the disc, save anything you are currently working on and restart your computer.

NOTE: Make sure that no external devices are connected to your computer, or it may have difficulty booting off the disc.

4) Make sure your computer boots off the CD/DVD.

NOTE: Mac owners will have to press C during this process. Windows owners, if it is not set to do so, can follow this guide.

5) If the CD/DVD burned correctly and is booting off the disc, you will see this...

6) Once it has fully booted, choose your language and choose "Try Ubuntu".

7) Once Ubuntu has fully started, click the Home Folder located on the top left hand side.

8) Connect your iOS device cable to the computer, then connect your iOS device to the cable.

NOTE: Once connected, it may ask you what you want to do with this device...
First, choose Trust on your iOS device...

Second, if you have a password on your device, you may see this. (If you do not see this, see "Third".)

Third, click Cancel on both Photo and Audio.

NOTE: Your device should now be seen on Ubuntu (possibly as 2 separate devices). Choose the device with the Eject icon.

9) Click through the following folders...
[iOS device name]> PhotoStreamsData> [bunch of numbers]> ###APPLE...
(In this folder you should find many of the PhotoStream photo.)

10) Press "CTRL-A" to select all the photos. Then press "CTRL-C" copy all the photos.

11) Connect and open the external device that you want place these photos on.

12) Press "CTRL-V" to paste the files onto this device.

13) You are done. Eject/Unmount the devices you have recently connected after booting Ubuntu.

14) In the top right corner, click the gear icon and scroll down to choose Shut Down. Choose Restart to restart the computer.

15) While it is shutting down, it will eject the disc. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to restart your computer normally.

16) After your computer restarts normally, connect your device that you placed the files on.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Swipe to Unlock Your iPhone (Unlocked)

Today, I am going to show you how to simply unlock your iPhone to allow you to access your phone.

1) Press either the Home Button or Sleep/Wake Button to begin.

2) Located toward the bottom of the iPhone screen, take your finger and swipe the "slide to unlock" starting from left to right (causing your finger to slide off the phone).

This should allow you to access your phone instantly.

If you need to unlock your iPhone using a 4 digit password, click here...
If you need to unlock your iPhone by using your fingerprint, click here...
If you have locked yourself out of your iPhone, click here...

Works for all current iPhone models.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Delete/Remove an App Directly From Your iPhone

Today, I will show you how to delete/remove an app directly from your iPhone.

1) Turn on and swipe to unlock your iPhone.

2) Locate the app on the screen or in the folder that you wish to delete/remove from your iPhone. (Today, for example, we will remove the NBA GameTime* app.)

Do not use the Search Phone feature to locate the app. This will not work in removing the app.

3) Touch and hold your finger down on any app for 1-2 second (with one finger) until all the apps on the iPhone begin to "jiggle". You may now release your finger once they begin to "jiggle".

4) Press the (X) in the upper left corner of the app to delete it.

5) If the app pops up a warning, asking about deleting data, choose Delete or Cancel...

IF you do press Delete, ANY and ALL the data that you have not backed up (if possible) is permanently deleted forever. You have been warned...

6) The app (and any data) is now gone from your phone and any remaining apps after it will shift leftward.

7) Once finished, press the Home Button to return the phone back to normal use.

* I do not have any connections or relations to any of the apps or makers shown above.

If you notice, any app that has no (X) when they are "jiggling" is an app that comes preinstalled with the device and CAN NOT be permanently deleted or removed from the iPhone.

If you are having issues with any app, deleting it, redownloading and reinstalling it may help solve any issue.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Search Your iPhone Using Spotlight Search

Today, I will show you how to search for anything on your iPhone using Spotlight Search.

To use the Search iPhone feature on your iPhone, you must have all or some of the Spotlight Search categories selected. By default, all categories will show up in a search if anything is found. To change any search results, click here.

1) Turn on and swipe to unlock your iPhone.

2) On any main screen, simply touch the screen with your finger and drag it downwards just an inch. Search iPhone will appear, along with the keyboard.

3) In the search field, use the keyboard to begin searching.

4) Scroll up and down by swiping up or down with your fingers.

5) To select a file in the search results, simply tap the item with your finger.

6) If the results show no nothing, you can always search the Web or Wikipedia by tapping either option.

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Enable and Disable Spotlight Search Categories on Your iPhone

Today, I will show you how to enable and disable Spotlight Search categories on your iPhone.

1) Turn on and swipe to unlock your iPhone.

2) Tap Settings app.

3) Scroll down and choose General.

4) Tap Spotlight Search.

5) To enable Spotlight Search to search for that specific category or item, make sure it has a checkmark to the left of it.

6) If you wish to prevent Spotlight Search from searching for that specific category or item, make sure the category is unchecked. Tap the category you wish to have it uncheck if it is checked. Tap the category again to have it checked.

To have a certain categories be displayed in a certain order of preference when you are using Spotlight Search, touch and then move the three bars to the side and move it in the order you wish.

7) If you are satisfied with any or no changes to Spotlight Search, simply tap General at the top left to go back.

By default, all categories are automatically checked.

To save some battery life (because your phone is always indexing any new information on your phone), you can disable all the categories by making sure they are all unchecked.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Download an App Using Your iPhone

Today, I will show you how download an app from the App Store on your iPhone.

1) Turn on and swipe to unlock your iPhone.

2) Tap the App Store app.

NOTE: Your App Store app may not be in this exact location.

3) If you wish to see the main page of apps, tap Featured...

4) If you want to see what is currently topping the charts (free or paid) on the App Store, tap Top Charts...

5) If you want to see the popular apps near you (by business who made the app), tap Near Me...

6) If you wish to search for an app that might be helpful or just want to browse, tap Search...

For this post, we will say you are searching for any apps related to "Disney". (FYI- I have no association with Disney. I want this blog to be kid friendly too.)

7) Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the iPhone. On the Search field, touch it so the keyboard will pop up and you can type out what app you want to look for.

8) If in the suggested list you see what you were starting to type, tap that search result... Or press Search to bring up any apps related to that word you just typed.

9) To search through the results, tap and swipe your finger to the left to go right, or right to go left...

While browsing, if the app says "Open", it means you have already have this app on your phone. If cloud with a down arrow is showing (Download from iCloud), this means have already downloaded this app in the past, but it is not currently on this device. You may click this symbol, and it will download the app onto your device and you will not be charged again if this was a paid app.

While browsing, you can touch the picture of the app icon or the big picture to allow you to read details, reviews and any other apps related to the app if this app does not suit your needs.

If the app says "FREE", you will not be charged. If the app states "$.99", "$1.99", etc., you will be charged this amount (plus tax) to the connected payment form you stated when filling out or updating your Apple ID information. If you do not have a payment form set up with Apple, you will not be able to download any paid app until you have done so.

10) To download the App, simply tap "FREE" or the stated dollar amount.

If you didn't mean to tap FREE or $, simply tap any other area on the screen, such as the picture of the app. It will go back.

11) Tap "INSTALL".

12) Simply type in your Apple ID password and tap OK. If the password is incorrect, try again.

Download apps when you are not using your phone bandwidth. Some apps are very large in file size and can use up a lot of your bandwidth on your phones data plan, especially if you are on a limited data plan.

13) The app will begin to download immediately on your iPhone. Once it has fully completed downloading, you may tap and use the new app.

Works on all current iPhone models.
Screen shots taken on an iPhone 5c.
I did not cover the Updates feature in this post. I will cover that in a future post.
I am not affiliated with any of the apps shown on my iPhone or in the App Store. I have not received any kind of donations, rewards or specials for showing or mentioning any apps.